You must have your Volunteer Pre-Sale Pass to get in. Many of our pre-sale shoppers like to bring a laundry basket or large bag to carry items as they shop.




2:00             24 hour volunteers

3:00             18 hour volunteers

4:00             12 hour volunteers

5:00              6 hour volunteers



Saturday, NOVEMBER 2

5:30            24 & 18 hR volunteers

6:00             12 & 6 hR volunteers


You will receive one pass per consignor number for the Volunteer Pre-Sale for working up to 24 hours. However, these shifts may be divided among more than one adult.  In other words, if you volunteer for two 6-hour shifts and your husband volunteers for one 6-hour shift, you will receive one 18 Hour Pre-Sale Pass. If it is important that your spouse gets to shop the Pre-Sale with you, he may register for his own consignor number and volunteer for as many shifts as he would like credit for. This same rule also applies to mother/daughter teams as well. You may divide hours among mother/daughter adults, but will only receive one pass per consignor number.

If two people sharing the same consignor number would like to work a shift at the same time (husband/wife or mother/daughter/son), you will need to email us because we will need to enter your information manually. The system only allows one consignor number per shift time. Volunteers must be 18 years or older unless working with a parent. If you would like for your teen (16 or older) to volunteer with you, please let us know in an email ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will need most shifts to be filled with adults first as we are dependent on our volunteers to run the sale smoothly. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us.