We are looking for hard working volunteers who will barter services in exchange for a Worker Pre-Sale Pass which will get you into My Sister’s House to shop before consignors or the public. Volunteers also pay a lower consignor fee or have it waived altogether and receive a higher percentage of their sales depending on number of hours worked.

We need male volunteers to work on our set-up and tear-down days. If you are a woman sharing a consignor number with your husband and he volunteers, his hours will count towards your total volunteer hours. Win-win! Consignors, please consider working even one 6 hour shift. That extra 5% of your sales makes a difference. We love getting to know and work with our volunteers!

register to consign before volunteering.


View the volunteer schedule for available shifts. You must work a minimum of 6 hours to receive credit.




All volunteers are invited to come back for a “Dollar Dash” following the Half-Price sale on the final Sunday. Only donated items will be included in our Dollar Dash sale allowing our volunteers to get the last of the great MSH deals! Items marked with “D” will be sold for $1, $2, $3, $5 & up depending on the original price. Cash only. No dressing rooms. Donation Items only included in the Dollar Dash. 

All proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit helping refugees rebuild their lives here in Abilene. This is an organization dear to our hearts and just another way we can be generous with the donations you give… turning them into cash to aid local refugees. The remaining donations will continue to be sorted and donated to 10 local nonprofits, who give to those in need in our community.



  • I will arrive on time and stay during my entire work shift without leaving the building in order to reap the benefits of volunteering and not be penalized.

  • I understand that I am representing My Sister’s House and agree to treat customers, consignors, and other volunteers with respect and kindness. I agree not to be on my phone for extended periods of time and to exemplify good customer service during my shift.

  • I understand that I may not bring children with me to work. (Please note, if you are a nursing mom, you are welcome to pump during your shift or have your baby brought to you so that you can nurse during your break.)

  • We do allow volunteers to eat during their shift but you cannot leave to get food. Please bring a lunch or snack.


Volunteers can log in to their consignor homepage to cancel a work shift or switch to a different shift until the deadline. (Some shifts occur before the deadline. If you cannot keep these shifts, you must cancel it a week before to allow time for someone else to sign up.) After the deadline, volunteers have the following options if they are unable to make their shifts:

• Find a suitable replacement (friend, husband, parent) to work the shift on your behalf. Please email and let us know who will be covering your shift.

• mail to switch to a different available shift. Shift availability may be limited.

• If a volunteer is sick (throwing up, running a fever, CANNOT work), it is still their responsibility to get a replacement. If a worker cannot find a replacement, they will still owe us a 6 hour block of time either later in the sale or after the sale. If this shift is not fulfilled, the volunteer will receive a penalty. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to fulfill your shift.


If you are unable to fulfill your shift requirement and you fail to make the arrangements offered above, your consignor earnings will be deducted by 30% and you will be blocked from volunteering at future My Sister’s House sales.

(If there is an emergency situation, email us and we will take that into consideration.)


Female volunteers will be given an apron and male volunteers will be given a name tag to wear while working at My Sister’s House. You may want to wear comfortable shoes as we will be keeping you busy during your shift!

We will not be providing food so you may bring a drink and meal or snacks if you like. We do not allow our volunteers to leave for meals during your shift. 

Come ready to have fun and work hard. My Sister’s House would not be possible without our volunteers.  Please be prepared to do whatever you are asked and be flexible. Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!


You will receive one pass per consignor number for the Volunteer Pre-Sale for working up to 24 hours. However, these shifts may be divided among more than one adult.  In other words, if you volunteer for two 6-hour shifts and your husband volunteers for one 6-hour shift, you will receive one 18 Hr Pre-Sale Pass. If it is important that your spouse gets to shop the Pre-Sale, he may register for his own consignor number and volunteer for as many shifts as he would like credit for. This same rule also applies to mother/daughter teams as well. You may divide hours among mother/daughter adults, but will only receive one pass per consignor number.

If two people sharing the same consignor number would like to work a shift at the same time (husband/wife or mother/daughter/son), you will need to email us because we will need to enter your information manually. The system only allows one consignor number per shift time. Volunteers must be 18 years or older unless working with a parent. If you would like for your teen (16 or older) to volunteer with you, please let us know in an email ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will need most shifts to be filled with adults first as we are dependent on our volunteers to run the sale smoothly. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us.