Monday, november 4     2:00 PM- 6:00PM 

@ 201 Mesquite Event Center

Any items not marked with a D for donate and not picked up at this time will be donated and a $20 sorting fee will be deducted from your consignor check.


When you come to pick up, you will sign in with your consignor number and a volunteer will assist you in getting your unsold items. You will be responsible for loading any furniture that did not sell. There will also be a lost and found area for you to look through in case a tag came off one of your items. Please understand that we do our very best to prevent theft and make sure that all of your unsold items are returned to you. However, with thousands of items of inventory, it is impossible to guarantee that you will get every item back. This is explained in the seller agreement you agree to upon registering. Thank you for understanding.


If you did not mark your items donate when you entered them, and you DO NOT pick them up at the designated time, we will charge a $20 sorting fee which will be deducted from your consignor check.

One of the most tedious and time consuming aspects of the sale is sorting unsold items for pick up. Each and every unsold item is touched multiple times as we sort them back into re-sort number and then check that each item is in the right place. This process takes several volunteers many hours to complete. In the past, many consignors have not checked donate on their items and assumed that items left after pick up will be donated either way. That means we are spending several hours sorting and checking their items, and they are ending up in the donate pile.