You must show your Consignor or Volunteer Pass at the door to get in to the Pre-Sale. Many of our pre-sale shoppers like to bring a laundry basket or large bag to carry items with them as they shop. We also have My Sister’s House totes available for purchase.



Please note: You will only receive ONE PRE-SALE PASS per consignor number. This will allow an adult consignor to shop early along with the tween or teen children you are shopping for. If it is important that your husband get to shop with you at the PRE-SALE , he will need his own consignor number. You can shop for him or he can come with your guest pass later that evening. Otherwise he can come shop when we open to the public.

If you have adult children (over 18), you are welcome to share a consignor number as well but we will only allow ONE person to enter with the CONSIGNOR PRE-SALE PASS. Your adult children are welcome to have their own consignor number and use their own PRE-SALE PASSES. Again, we are trying to be fair and consistent in how we manage our PRE-SALE night and passes. We have several college students who consign and volunteer on their own in order to be able to shop early so we feel that it is only fair that adult children not be allowed in with a parent’s PRE-SALE PASS. Remember that we have plenty of opportunities to shop and you can never see it all in one night so we encourage you to come back with your family and  friends on any one of our public shopping days. We’re so grateful that you consign with us and we look forward to working with you!